All shoots will be precisely scheduled ahead of time with healthy and safety measures in mind.

Anyone with symptoms will not be permitted to enter and will be encouraged to return home and contact their local public health unit for further directives on isolating. 
Anyone who has had close contact within the previous 7 days with an individual that has tested positive for Covid-19 will not be permitted on set.
Anyone who has travelled internationally within the previous 14-days will not be permitted on set.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
PPE should be worn when possible. This is of the utmost importance when adequate physical distancing is difficult to maintain and when individuals are expected to be in the same enclosed space for lengthy amounts of time. Examples of PPE are: Masks, Gloves, Face shields

Frequent handwashing is recommended. Water and soap and/or a 60% hydroalcoholic solution will be available for handwashing on set at all times. Handwashing and sanitizing will be easily accessible to everyone on set.
Avoid touching your face at all times.
Cough and sneeze into your sleeve.
Consider your phone as another hand and clean it just as frequently. This mindset should be applied to any other device that you handle constantly.
Hair and beards should be freshly washed. Long hair should be tied back.

Physical Distancing
The most effective method to prevent transmission is by ensuring all individuals practice physical distancing while on set. The recommended minimum physical distance from public health authorities is 2 meters. Physical distance must be maintained between all individuals on set whenever possible. This applies to all persons, including talent.

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